‘wssohwte?’ is short for: ‘Who Says Seeing Only Happens With The Eyes?’(1)
The question is rhetorical. For how could seeing not be influenced by the surrounding space? But is that all there is to it? No, of course not. For what is the nature of that space? And in particular, what is the nature of the space in which this exhibition exists? In several essays these, and other, questions about art and space are being addressed. The writers of the first four essays were invited by Wapke Feenstra to visit the exhibition at TENT. and describe the particular and general space occupied by ‘wssohwte?’
During the exhibition at Galleri F15 three Norwegian writers were invited to write about ‘wssohwte?’.

Maaike Engelen lends a poetical-philosophical voice to (works of) art.

Renée van de Vall writes about perception within artificial settings.

Domeniek Ruyters addresses art perception within the ‘white cube’.

Sandra Fauconnier writes about artistic space on the Internet.

Kristine Kolrud focusses on ‘open’ art’s influence on the environment and the public.

Trond K.O. Kristoffersen made a visual text about the art of seeing.

Tor Andreas Gitlesen presents a ‘Decalogue’ for building a ‘white cube’.

For comments or questions about the essays or ‘wssohwte?’, please mail to info@wssohwte.net