Wapke Feenstra

Wapke Feenstra has been working both as an artist and writer for some years now, and working in this combination she has had a central role as creator of exhibition and program concepts. Through her artworks she engages the viewer in her central interests, which revolve around the perception and experiencing of art. She sees art as a mental space and puts herself within the historical framework of conceptual art. But there is another central aspect of Wapke’s art that struck me, namely its delicacy. A delicacy which makes you even more hungry for her work. When you observe her work more closely, you’ll meet something you’ll react to, an element contrasting with the delicacy. Another group of her works deals with social intervention.
(text by Siv Hofsvang art-historian and curator at Galleri F 15)

Wapke Feenstra (NL)
Lives and works in Rotterdam

1989-1991 Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht, the Netherlands
1985-1989 ABK (night-school) Arnhem, the Netherlands

Selected exhibitions and projects
“WoefWoef uitgelaten in Arnhem”, web and public space project in collaboration with De Gele Rijder, Arnhem, the Netherlands, A. Boelens, D. Rodenburg, see www.woefwoef.nl
“inSiteout”, Lothringer13/Halle, Munich, Germany (lecture and publication), see www.lothringer13.de/halle/ and www.comutation.de/
“WSSOHWTE?”, TENT., Rotterdam, the Netherlands (concept)
“Something about Charlois”, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (curators: Jason Coburn and Kamiel Verschuren)
“Fortverkenning met herbarium” on www.dehollandsewaterlinie.nl/ (“Waterproof” Fort Asperen/Jeanne van Heeswijk), the Netherlands
“WSSOHWTE?”, F15, Moss, Norway (concept)
Fries Museum, panel member: identiteit en omgeving, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

LUXUS, Treffend! Wapke was hier, Den Haag, the Netherlands (website)
“Was geschieht bestimmt der Ort”, with Kathrin Boehm & Stefan Saffer, L.A.C. Sigean, France (publication)
Kunsthall, Media Markt and C3, Budapest, Hungary
(Smuggle-project with Georg Winter) see aachen.heimat.de/smuggle/ (publication)
En Bloc, MK expositieruimte, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Verhalen van Dordrecht, editing of stories and training of citizens see www.cbk.dordt.nl

–b-l-i-k-o-p-e-n-e-r-, Dordrechts Museum, www.cbk.dordt.nl, urban space Dordrecht, the Netherlands (concept + publication)
MK expositieruimte, showing “Retouched Wood”, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (solo)
PS 1 NEW YORK - HOTEL NEW YORK, USA, invited by Jeanne van Heeswijk (publication) (“I am looking for space and fortune”)
CELL initiators of incidents, (on location CLARA-policlinic Rotterdam) the Netherlands, (publication) see www.cell.nl/intracorp
Fries Museum, semi-permanent installation in museum-cafe (and introduction new Friesian cookie), Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

Cutting Edge Program Arco (galerie A’pert), and Gallery Emilio Navarro, Madrid, Spain
Villa Waldberta, Feldafing, Kulturreferat Munich, Germany (project “Zaungast” + publication)

“fielding”, Portalen, Hundige, Copenhagen, Denmark (publication + concept)
Gallery BHAK, Seoul, South Korea (solo)
MK expositieruimte, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (solo)
Cutting Edge Program Arco (galerie A’pert), Madrid, Spain

HEDAH, Maastricht, the Netherlands (solo)
Manifesta 1, NEsTWORK, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (cat. publication + concept)

Galerie A’pert, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (solo + publication “Wapke Feenstra”)
Villa Alckmaer, CBK Rotterdam, the Netherlands (solo + publication “Wapke Feenstra”)
Kunstkabinett, Reinhold Johann Fäth (touring project in German (drug) clinics)
“Jelängerjelieber”, Kunstraum Kunstbunker, Nuremberg, Germany (publication)

“Verlangen/Longing”, ArToll-Labor, within the context of Room with a View (Jeanne van Heeswijk), with I. Hohenbüchler, M. Zomer and R. v.d. Vall, Bedburg-Hau, Germany (cat. + publication)
MK expositieruimte, with Jan van de Dobbelsteen, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Galerie A’pert, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Hooghuis Arnhem, the Netherlands (solo)
Prix de Rome 1993 (second prize), Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (cat.)

Selected printed images and textual works
“I am looking for space and fortune”, bookcover and contribution to PS1 HOTEL NEW YORK-book, published by Artimo Foundation, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

“Was geschieht bestimmt der Ort”, (Immer Erreichbar) image/text on Dirndl-folder
Smuggle-product-catalogue, image/text report on Budapest, Hungary

-b-l-i-k-o-p-e-n-e-r- magazine

NEsTWORK, a blueprint for nestworking presentation at Manifesta 2, Luxembourg
Text on engagement for BASTA Jaarboek, Centraal Museum Utrecht, the Netherlands
Writer for Tubelight (gallery-magazine) till 2001

Four columns for Room with a View - real stories of life, part of script for the video (Jeanne van Heeswijk /Joke Tjalsma)
“Do you know Mr. Chauvin?”, part of book by Edwin Janssen, Musea de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Games People Play/Spelregels (NEsTWORK - folder), Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Writer for HTV-de IJsberg (art paper) till 1999

Kunstlicht, centre page (image/text)
Prix de Rome 1993, CANON-LADY (printed faxwork in catalogue)

Organization and execution of a course entitled “Looking at Art”, CBK Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Till 1995