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August 16. 2001 – September 16. 2001
TENT., the new complex of the Centre for Visual Arts at Witte de Withstraat 50 opened on September 9. 1999. Rotterdam art in broad context, candour and flexibility are the key terms when describing TENT.. The Rotterdam art world, with all its liveliness and unpredictability drives the programme. That means in practice: showing work, holding activities in a national and international context. Urban culture in all its facets form a major point of departure for TENT. in its programming activities. TENT. has ambitious aims and perhaps even impossible requirements. Due to a polyrhythmic programme structure visitors to TENT. will encounter almost every two weeks a fresh situation. The timing of some exhibitions runs parallel; contrast between large-scale, long-term projects and the staccato sequence of short, often impulsive and landmark presentations. TENT. includes for this purpose unbooked space in the agenda: this ensures the flexibility needed to take advantage of actual situations. See www.cbk.rotterdam.nl/TENT./

Extra Paul Devens made a MP3 and a special sound and image work about his stay in Rotterdam.

(for this walk you need Quicktime 5.0.2 or higher, average size of the quicktime movies is 450/500K)

November 25. 2001 – January 13. 2002
Galleri F15 was founded in 1966 and started out as a commercial enterprise in the city centre of Moss, Norway. After one year the gallery moved to an imposing 19th century building on the Alby Estate, located on the island of Jeløy in the county of Moss. In the latter half of the 1980s F15 was turned into a not-for-profit gallery receiving public funds.
F15 wishes to blaze new trails in the art world, without completely forsaking more traditional venues. One of its primary goals is to maintain the tradition of painting by exhibiting young artists who chose painting as their medium. As an area for experimentation F15 has set up its ‘Prosjektrommet’ (‘Project Room’). F15 participates in ‘Momentum’, the biennial Nordic festival of modern art. See www.gallerif15.no

Extra Paul Devens made two special works about his stay in Moss and Norway.

(for this walk, a 360 degrees panorama, you need Quicktime 5.0.2 or higher, average size of the quicktime movies is 450/500K)

The World Wide Web is the third location visited by ‘wssohwte?’ The Web has been utilized to explore the area between an exhibition catalogue and the interactive possibilities of the Internet. Experiences and recordings of visits to the exhibitions and concomitant visits to the Internet have been turned into a website, which on the one hand fits in with other sites representing art, but on the other hand tries to be innovative in its offering of Internet experiences that are not solely of a representational nature. The Internet as artistic space is still in its infancy (cf. Sandra Fauconnier’s essay).
Graphic designer Ariënne Boelens created the site, by translating information into communication.

Ariënne Boelens lives and works in Rotterdam. Educated as graphic designer at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, she worked from 1996 till 1999 as a member of the designers’ collective Flink. Since 1999 she is working as an independent designer and has been commissioned by among others the BKVB Fund (www.fondsBKVB.nl/studiereis), Witte de With, centre for contemporary art, Rotterdam (www.wdw.nl), Cell initiators of incidents (www.cell.nl/intracorp) and the Rotterdamse Kunststichting (www.RKS.nl/cultuurplanadvies). Beside this she is also collaborating with visual artists. Recently she worked with Ronald in ‘t Hout and Frank de Bruijn (www.onzeboomgaard.nl) and Wapke Feenstra (e.g. www.woefwoef.nl).

For comments or questions, please mail to: arienne@wssohwte.net