Anne Lise Stenseth

Anne Lise Stenseth is one of those artists who make us see common objects or notions anew. Her earliest and best-known works show dolls that have been given facial features similar to kids with Down’s syndrome. These works indicate one of the central aspects of Anne Lise Stenseth’s art projects, namely the exploration of the borderlines of normalcy. In her newer photographic work one can easily discover the art-historical precedent, but as always there is another fascinating aspect. Her works emanate a strong sense of taking pleasure in seeing and discovering, which rubs off on the spectator.
(text by Siv Hofsvang art-historian and curator at Galleri F 15)

Anne Lise Stenseth (N)
Lives and works in Oslo

1989-1993 National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo, Norway
1984-1986 IFM-Westerdahls reklameskole, Oslo, Norway
1980-1983 Bergen Kunst og Håndverksskole, Bergen, Norway
1981 West Surrey College of Art, England

Selected exhibitions and projects
The Fringe, Hong Kong, China (Spotlight City Bergen)
Galleri Brandstrup, “Birdess” (the video), Oslo, Norway
TENT., (Who says seeing only happens with the eyes?) Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Galleri F15, (Who says seeing only happens with the eyes?) Moss, Norway
Bergen Kunstforening, “Birdess” (the installation), Norway (solo)
The video Harvest as a part of the theatre/dance piece “Then such silence since the cries were last heard” by Hooman Sharifi
Performances, Danseteateret, Von Krali Teater, Tallin, Monty, Bergen, Norway

Oslo Kunstforening, Oslo, Norway
1. International Art Triennial, Petrozavodsk, Russia
Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina (publication)

Tallin Art Hall, (Suitcases, publication)
Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal
Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum, “Harvest, Hives” (publication) (solo)
The Norwegian Short Film Festival, “Harvest 12’”

Kunstnernes Hus, (Fellessentralen - Norsk Kunstproduksjon i 90-årene) (publication)
Momentum, Nordic festival of contemporary art, “My Art belongs to Daddy III”, Moss, Norway
Tromsø Kunstforening (Symptoms), Norway
Stenersenmuseum (Colour between Art and Science) Oslo, Norway (publication + project coordinator)

Center for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia, (Alikeness) (publication)
Kunstnernes Hus (e~on, the future is your friend)
Gøteborg Kunstmuseum, 22 artists from Oslo, Norway
UKS, (The other Art) Oslo, Norway (publication)
NIFCA, Helsinki, (Nordica, publication)
Null-en 01, Norsk Kunstrom (artist book), CD-ROM
Canberra Contemporary Artspace, Canberra, Australia (publication)
Sogn og Fjordane Artcenter, “My Farm” (publication) (solo)
Arendal Kunstforening, “Trisomy 21” (solo)
Workshopleader for THE OTHER ART, UKS
[a:t] art & technology (publication): Anne Lise Stenseth, Leif Gaute Staurland Norway

International Artists Center, Poznan, Poland (Signed, Sealed, Sold)
Galleria Medium, Bratislava, Slovakia (publication)
Central House of Artists, Moskva, (Maybe no problem) (publication)
Arken Museum of Modern Art, BOREALIS 8, Denmark, (THE SCREAM) (publication)
Zoolounge, Oslo, Norway (Not yet titled)
Galleri F15, Moss, Norway, Horror Vacui (artist book) (solo)

NUKE COLLECTION (publication) Riksutställningar, Sweden, produced and toured from 1993-1995 in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Italy
Norwegian-Russian Artcenter (NRKS) (publication) -Touring Murmansk, Moskva, St. Petersburg, Oslo
Galerie HEER, Brussels, Belgium
DIXI - a presentation of 34 emerging Norwegian artists (publication, curators: Anne Lise Stenseth, Karl Hansen, Anne Grethe Thoresen)
Trondheim Kunstforening (The Doctor and The Patient) (publication)
Herslebsgate 10, “OMO SAPIENS PROSJEKT – VANITAS” (solo)

Norwegian-Russian Artcenter (NRKS), Kirkenes, “House of Difference”
PiG, Prosjekt i Gamlebyen, Oslo, “My Art belongs to Daddy II”
Galleri Struts,Oslo, “Doll with Downs Syndrome